Let your inner child win you over as you enjoy the wind in your hair, the salt on your face and the waves splashing over you.

    Learn to wakeboard, jet ski, kayak or simply dive down under to explore the wonders of the crystal clear blue sea.


      Let  yourself unwind in comfort as you lounge the afternoon away in the shimmering sun. Then appreciate the beauty of the decor as you engage in profound discussions over memorable dinners. Retire to the salon or other lounging area for an evening glass of cognac. 


        Let your taste buds savor every bite, all carefully blended by STARFIRE's talented culinary chefs. From morning to nightfall, expect a succession of succulent delicacies such as afternoon treats, impressive entrées and tantalizing desserts.


            Let yourself drift off in peace after a day of fun in the sun. Whether STARFIRE spends the night at the dock, at anchor, or sailing the gentle seas, appreciate your cabin’s fine details such as its inviting bed, its luxurious bathroom and all its state-of-the-art amenities. Sleep a little or sleep a lot in the comfort of your well-appointed cabin.

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